Bringing Knowledge Into Light

We provide world class consulting, technical services and training in the ethical use of data science and machine learning to organizations in Canada and beyond.


Bringing Knowledge Into Light

Our mission is to provide world class consulting, technical services and training in the ethical use of data science and machine learning to organizations in Canada and beyond.


situation analysis, problem definition, data engineering, data analytics, data science, machine learning, project management, devops


focus is on prototypes not production systems: data collection, data analysis, data preparation, machine learning model development and testing, model analysis


data analytics for business workshop, machine learning overview, deep learning workshop


CogNova Technologies has considerable knowledge and experience in a relatively new but increasingly important area of machine learning called Transfer Learning. Transfer learning is the use of prior data or models from one or more source tasks when learning a new but related target task. Transfer learning is of particular value when you have a data mining problem you wish to solve but have insufficient data from which to develop a predictive or classificaton model.


Situation Analysis
Problem Definition
Data Engineering
Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Project Management


Data Collection
Data Analysis
Data Preparation
Machine Learning Model Development and Testing
Model Analysis


Data Science Primer
Data Analytics and AI for Business Workshop
Machine Learning Overview
Deep Learning Workshop

Our Team

Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success.

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Daniel L. Silver, PhD, CIM

Founder and President of CogNova Technologies

Danny has over 35 years of experience in information technology and administration. He has a strong background in data science, machine learning and tactical and strategic technology planning. His duties have included research, teaching, systems analysis and design and project management.

Time Trussell photo

Timothy Trussell

Business Consultant

Tim is the founder and principal consultant at Above The Water ( He has held multiple leadership positions at Kinduct Technologies and SAS bringing his diverse experience and skills to foster business growth. His breadth of knowledge and personal strengths bring unique value as a project consultant.

Yuanyuan Shi photo

Yuanyuan(Amanda) Shi, MSc

Data Science Specialist

Amanda has significant experience creating machine learning models to solve challenging business problems. She has a strong background in machine learning, time series analysis, data processing and corresponding tools and techniques.

Mohammed Shameer Iqbal photo

Mohammed Shameer Iqbal, MSc

Data Science Specialist

Shameer comes with over a decade of cutting edge machine learning algorithms expertise and deploying them at scale. Shameer is deeply experienced in collaborating with startups to transform ideas into deployable products, as well as helping enterprises scale their machine learning pipeline.

Jabun Nasa, MSc

Data Science Specialist

Jabun has a strong background in image processing, deep learning with artificial neural networks, transfer learning, and multiple task learning (MTL). She has successfully developed a method of estimating grape yield based on deep MTL network methods.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We worked with Dr. Silver (Danny) at the beginning of our journey with AI and data science at Rein and were very happy with the counsel he provided. Danny specialties include expertise in AI and machine learning and possesses a wealth of knowledge in these areas with over 25 years of experience. Most significantly, he has the ability to understand a business opportunity/problem and translate it into an AI/data analytics problem statement.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Danny in any of the areas described above. 

Steve Rabbitt

Co-Founder & CEO of

Dr. Daniel Silver provided us with very valuable support on a project with the Canadian military. His in-depth and extensive knowledge in data science and machine learning was critical to the success of the project. In particular, we really appreciated his ability to understand the business, engineering and scientific requirements and translate them into a data science problem statement. He can draw upon additional talent from personal connections from across Canada and around the world. He understands and enjoys problem solving, research and development but also appreciates the reality of getting a job done on time and on budget.

Philipe Bellefeuille

Director of Technology of  Menya Solutions Inc. & LEVIO’s AI Division

Dr. Silver (“Danny”) is a world-class professional and person. He plays an integral role in guiding our team through the development and implementation of the advanced data science and machine learning applications that propel Tenera’s differentiation and success in the seniors care monitoring and analytics market.

Stewart Hardie

CEO of GeoNavo Positioning Systems Inc. & the Platform

We had a very productive and enjoyable experience working with Dr. Silver throughout our shared journey at Kinduct. Danny was pleasure to work, in part due to his exceptionally talented mind in both Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. More important than his 25+ years of experience was the fact that Danny was able to apply his knowledge in a functional way to the fields of Sports, Health and Human Performance. Danny thoroughly understood and appreciated the problem statement we were looking to solve and was able to apply his extensive knowledge to the tasks at hand.

Travis McDonough

Founder & President of

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